A wee note on the state of play for itsu jitsu regarding last.fm

This is the note which was posted to all of the groups which I am a member of as “awaycaboose” on last.fm:

“Hello all,

This isn’t a decision which I’ve arrived at lightly but I’ve decided to withdraw the itsu jitsu releases from last.fm and stop using the site personally as well.

There have been a number of factors which have led to this decision, not least of which is the total lack of support and the hugely cumbersome nature of both the user and music management interfaces.

last.fm has been good to itsu jitsu…just over 450 listeners for awaycaboose and the friendship and host of fantastic collaborative projects at Apskaft, but I feel that the benefits of being here are far outweighed by the time and energy being expended by me to manage itsu jitsu’s presence on this site. It is time to withdraw, consolidate and hopefully push itsu jitsu onwards and upwards whilst still allowing me time to pursue the artistic projects which I have in mind.

I’ll keep in touch with those who I’m friends with on facebook / twitter / etc, will also obviously still finish up the Potemkin project and hopefully not being here won’t exclude me from future projects…but if it does then c’est la vie…my time here has been on the whole good…I’ve met a bunch of great people through Apskaft and it’s time to say goodbye.

I’ll take the itsu jitsu and awaycaboose stuff down and delete my account on Friday so if anybody out there hasn’t “friended” me on facebook or “tweeted” me on twitter give me a shout before Friday and I’ll add you on your prefered social networking site…alternatively you can contact me through the itsu jitsu website.

Thank you all for having me and take it easy

Jason (awaycaboose)”

So there you have it, no more itsu jitsu on last.fm but as all of the releases are still available here there’s no need for gnashing of teeth or pulling of hair.

Also there’s no need to listen to the itsu releases via whatever crappy audio codec it is that last.fm use, so go forth and download the tunes in glorious lossless audio at bandcamp:


awaycaboose & tani P – amnesia

awaycaboose – a tRACK a wEEK fOR a yEAR – pART eIGHT

Cavity Pitch – Pungent Gimp Mask / Deviant Hammock Disorder

音一 –

Take it easy,

Jason Kavanagh (itsu jitsu curator)

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