CXR Siphon / Non​-​Field

Artist: 2 Degree Ramp
Title: CXR Siphon / Non​-​Field
Catalogue Number: ij08
Release Date: 17th January 2011

Track listing:

  1. Pouring the fluid into the system
  2. The ski you gave me
  3. Come back Frank
  4. Uzbek airlines

Technical notes for CXR Siphon / Non-Field:

There is a white noise/crowd noise type sound which comes in gradually after a minute or so in Uzbek airlines. This was made by scraping a coin rapidly off the B and E strings off a guitar through a D.O.D.Death Metal pedal with the pedal’s “pain” and “guts” settings up tomax, then applying an effect called convolution in Cool Edit Pro, and finally pitchshifting it down.

Usually I program all of my drumbeats bit-by-bit, but in The ski you gave me, the main beat was just a preset drum rhythm from a naff Yahama PSR-300 1980s keyboard, put through a wah-wah pedal.

The second part of Come back Frank was actually recorded faster than it sounds, and then the whole wave file was pitchshifted down.

The soft sound which plays on a loop in Pouring the fluid into the system (the one that sounds a bit like a breathing sound) comes from the “brush” drum sound in the drum software Fruity Loops; I removed the sharp “attack” from that drum and then reversed what was left to get that sound.

Get it on bandcamp or sonic squirrel

Creative Commons License

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1 Response to CXR Siphon / Non​-​Field

  1. Nice guitar work in “the ski you gave me” … i like that it’s not in a hurry to go anywhere, drifting along. And yep, love the effect of the coin on strings in Uzbek Airlines. You’ve got a nice sound going on.

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