Pink Toads Super Ultimate Competition of Sheer Excellence

The Skinny

itsu jitsu, plucky young netlabel from Glasgow, begs you to make a music video for the one minute sonic monsterpiece Spoonheads from Mars.

Get the track on bandcamp

If you need inspiration then simply draw upon the lyrics…

“Spoonheads from Mars, Driving rusty cars, Smoking Pink Cigars, We’re the Spoonheads from Mars.” (repeat as required)

-Traditional Leichtensteinian Folk Song

Spoonheads from Mars is taken from the forthcoming release: Pink Toads, a pungently disorienting album by daughter-father ultragroup Zilch Spacecasting Network.

What unknown videographer will distil the subtle splendour that is Spoonheads from Mars and ride the winning video’s bacterial spread to fame and its inevitable ugly aftermath?

This is a contest you will probably win because who the heck will bother to enter?

Spoonheads is a negligible little snippet of music published by a nearly-nonexistent “netlabel of sorts” based in a wee little faux country. Maybe 3 or 4 people will enter and you are surely the only one with real talent, so the prestigious prize is practically sitting on your shelf.

The most gloorious of prizes

The winner’s fabulous prize will be…

Wait for it!




Other things to pay attention to

Completed videos should be uploaded to youtube, vimeo or if you don’t have an account at either then contact us at and we’ll sort something out.

Your choice of styles: Lip-synch, stop-motion, Ken Burns still-panning, CGI, cel animation, verité, puppetry. (these are included as a guide only, feel free to dazzle us with a style and genre spanning masterpiece).

When you enter the contest and win your well-deserved prize, the Pink Toad figurine will be posted from deepest Wisconsin straight to your hovel or palace. All we request is that when your coveted prize arrives at your domicile, take and share a picture so the losers might be better enabled to burn with impotent jealousy.

The winner will receive full credit for their video and a link from the site to their portfolio/website/whatever.

The closing date for all entries is some time in the future from now after which itsu jitsu will assemble a panel of judges to select the video that best conveys the glory that is Spoonheadedness.

Good luck!

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