proto-fifebotian 3000

Artist: fifebot
Title: proto-fifebotian 3000
Catalogue Number: ijbot#1
Release Date: 18th April 2011

Track listing:

  1. fifebot caws it oot
  2. tha descent eh fifebot
  3. fifebot meets tha kelpie
  4. robo hamster attack wave delta (instrumental)
  5. robo relaxation room (instrumental)
  6. proto-fifebotian 3000 (living in a glitch dream nation re-tooling)
  7. intae tha lair o tha wizard-scientists (unstrumental)
  8. ilie leerie
  9. roon yon banefire
  10. white-bull sacrifice of the sacral-king

Get it on bandcamp or sonic squirrel

Front cover

Creative Commons License

Some fifebot gifs for your collection

Speak like fifebot

When wanting to address others in English use the following output:

*~{O_o}~*fleep*floop*initialising sub-system 3.x0 – Queen’s English*begin transmishun*~{o_O}~*Enter English text here*~{-_-}~*end transmishun*floop*fleep*~{-_-}~*

When wanting to address others in Fifer use the following output:

*~{O_o}~*fleep*floop*begin transmishun*~{o_O}~*Enter Fifer text here*~{-_-}~*end transmishun*floop*fleep*~{-_-}~*

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