itsu jitsu netlabel free sampler

This wee beauty was hurriedly whipped up to be passed out at a free market event which was being organised by the occupiers of The Free Hetherington and is the first ever itsu jitsu physical release. It consists of brown or white paper folded in such a fashion as to have a front, back and inside and is held closed by either a treasury tag or piece of coloured wool. The CDr is a nasty Memorex one as there wasn’t enough time to buy some with plain white fronts.

Twenty five were made, nine were laid to rest in the Hetherington, two are in the hands of Rosses, five went on a trip to Serbia, one is winging it’s way to Wisconsin, two have been “archived” at itsu HQ, one is off to Cornwall for a wee cream tea and an other might be going to Australia for a holiday. Which makes twenty one with four still to be allocated. If you think that there’s a good reason why you should own one of the remaining four three two one (see below) then drop us a line.

*Update* That’s another one off to Texas so only three remaining, get in quick folks!

*Update* And another off on it’s travels to Oslo, get the last two whilst they’re hot!

*Update* There’s only one left as that’s another going to Oslo. Who wants the last one?

*Update* Gone daddy gone, sampler is gone.

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  1. 2 Degree RampUzbek airlines
  2. 音一
  3. Sister BladesBlowing things up
  4. I Am The HandSomething Else
  5. Corroded MasterDamn
  6. The Finer Points Of SadismIn The Time of Exploding Heads
  7. Cavity PitchFetid Cattle Breath
  8. Word or ObjectSemantical Life
  9. fifebotwhite-bull sacrifice of the sacral-king
  10. Lezet & Mikhail LezinOn grey paper (alternate take)
  11. Doug SharpVeluria Ponsonby’s Epiphany
  12. Zilch Spacecasting NetworkBiggles and the Lapidary Sheep
  13. awaycaboose & Tapestry Prologuerat porridge

Even though the not free sampler was only going to have ten tracks on it we’ll stick with the same track listing as this one, mainly ‘cos we think that it just works really well.

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3 Responses to itsu jitsu netlabel free sampler

  1. Doug Sharp says:

    Wisconsin waits breathless for its arrival!

  2. Yes please thank you! I know Lezet and have made music with him and would love to listen to this! Hopefully I can contribute to later editions? I hope I make it in time, thanks, guys 🙂

    Best regards

    Guttorm Andreasen, Oslo, Norway

    • itsu jitsu says:

      No problem Guttorm, email me your address to and I’ll stick one in the post on Saturday. Contributions to future collections or a complete release are most definitely an option, do you have a link to your music?



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