uncle bablouie’s broken mind flange

And now, a short message from our illustrious (he wishes) leader.

The ‘awaycaboose‘ moniker/complex/pseudonym was a good working title for my experiments in sound having come back to making music after a long lay off due to illness, but recently I decided to give awaycaboose an indefinite holiday. I chose to do this mainly because the varied nature of my experiments meant that awaycaboose never really developed his own sound and also out of these experiments grew new ideas and new pseudonyms with a more definite style, not least of which was me (Jason Kavanagh) as me.

Then out of nowhere fellow netlabel folks Paragrafo Records got in touch with me and asked if I’d like to give them something to release, something by awaycaboose to release.

So, two months on from me saying “no more awaycaboose material” here for your listening pleasure is…more awaycaboose material: uncle bablouie’s broken mind flange via Paragrafo Records. Click the link to go to the release and whilst there you should download some of the other excellent music on offer.

Below for your viewing pleasure is all of the art work which comes bundled with the release as front & back covers and a PDF ‘booklet’.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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