Present? What Present?

Artist: Noisesurfer
Title: Present? What Present?
Catalogue Number: ijns01
Release Date: 23rd May 2011

Track listing:

  1. Err Memory
  2. Present? What Present?
  3. Where
  4. Clock Rotatio
  5. Dubnights
  6. Anime (Soul Mix)
  7. Arc
  8. Time
  9. i8i0
  10. Road Movie
  11. Outfield
  12. Love Emotions
  13. Enology
  14. Biosdead
  15. Living Without Fear
  16. Loomp
  17. My Lovely Ballantines

Get it on bandcamp or Sonic Squirrel

Front Cover

Inner image

Rear cover

Video for Outfield

Creative Commons License

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