Yersinia Pestis

Artist: Xtematic
Contributing Artist: No Way Out
Title: Yersinia Pestis
Running Time: 00:15:15
Catalogue Number: ijx01
Release Date: 24th June 2011
Download: Bandcamp

About: From within the opening 10 seconds of silence, what sounds like a short wave radio signal starts to hiss, spit and splutter, before long this is joined by a quiet ominous drone just on the edge of hearing. Gradually over the course of the succeeding minutes the radio waves shift and multiply, split and alter their form to create a soundscape of varied textures and tones and all the while the drone rises and falls almost imperceptibly creating a tight, dark, claustrophobic cell of sound.


  1. Yersinia Pestis

Front cover

Rear cover

Creative Commons License

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