A Proof of Fermat

Artist: Noise Research
Title: A Proof of Fermat
Running Time: 00:25:43
Catalogue Number: ijnr01
Release Date: 3rd June 2011

About: This three track EP from Noise Research aka Ian David Simpson is wound close to breaking point, every track loaded with the energy and tension of the urban landscape.

Ian has crafted a hugely evocative snapshot of life in The City. Electrics hiss and spit, machinery malfunctions and drones and all around us people collide head on with modern day living.

It begins relatively quietly and peacefully with processed shifting sounds creating a sense of motion and exploration. These bring to mind light winds blowing through a city, alighting upon it’s inhabitants, giving us a brief insight into their existence, a sense of the minutiae of their daily lives. Three minutes into ‘Concrete Island’ however a darker side begins to show as the wind works it’s way into cracks and crevices, wears away at buildings, vehicles, people, a creeping sense of dread begins to spread through this peaceful scene and slowly, insidiously it spreads on through ‘Crash’ and into ‘High Rise’ taking us with it.


  1. Concrete Island
  2. Crash
  3. High Rise

Available as: Free digital download from bandcamp or Sonic Squirrel

Front cover

Creative Commons License

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