Godspeed You, Chocolate Albino!

Artist: The Blasted Muffins
Title: Godspeed You, Chocolate Albino!
Running Time: 00:09:59
Catalogue Number: TBM1
Release Date: 28th June 2011


The Blasted Muffins are either;

  1. A mixed media art duo composed of Gianluca Missero and Jason Kavanagh, formed in 2011 in a titanic blur of tracks, videos and artwork bounced back and forth via the internet.
  2. An attempt by Hox Vox and G.S.S.N.I. to take over the World one weird tune and odd, unsettling video at a time.
  3. Two guys from Venice, Italy and Glasgow, Scotland who should really be old enough to know better.
  4. Some all or indeed none of the above.

Members: Gianluca Missero (Venice, IT) – Music. Videos, Graphic Design & Artwork, Jason Kavanagh (Glasgow, SCO) – Music. Videos, Graphic Design & Artwork


  1. Benko Gambit
  2. GYCA!
  3. B-dawg’s crazy yo!
  4. Jeeez… da copz
  5. Snark Attack Wave Delta
  6. Pendragon Hat
  7. Knight in Gale
  8. Jester Day
  9. Le bouffon de vélo
  10. Chocolate-Albino Exquisite Layover (Miniature Ballad in 13/8)

Even tracks by Gianluca, odd tracks by Jason.

Available as: Free digital download from bandcamp.


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The Videos

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