King Imagine Live

Artist: King Imagine
Title: Live
Running Time: 00:26:26
Catalogue Number: ijki01
Release Date: 5th August 2011

About: King Imagine builds swooping, soaring synthscapes from gritty, granular synth sounds, hammering metallic edged beats. and then peppers them with the bodies of wailing, dying machines. A hugely evocative journey to the centre of an ancient machine consciousness. Immerse yourself in King Imagine’s world of organic grime and broken down electronics.


  1. Alphater
  2. Apocalyptic Blues
  3. Asphexia
  4. Docu Ment
  5. Electric Breakfest
  6. Virus Attack
  7. When The Machines Go Marchin’ In
  8. Yamatsuka Suka

Available as: digital download from Bandcamp.

Front Cover

Creative Commons License

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