Radio Buddha

Artist: My Brother Daniel & Anton Mobin
Title: Radio Buddha
Running Time: 00:54:00
Catalogue Number: RSVP004
Release Date: 26th August 2011

About: “Radio Buddha is a new collaboration album between electronic improviser My Brother Daniel and radio art connoisseur Anton Mobin. The two met and team up on the Itsu Jitsu net label this August for a transatlantic improvisation spanning either end of the radio dial.”

“Radio Buddha is delivered in four ‘scenes’ drifting between radio waves, silence, drone, and static pulses. The album’s creation resembles ideas similar to John Cage’s 1959 work ‘Indeterminacy’ with the improvisers performing in different rooms unable to hear each others sounds (Radio Buddha’s sounds imagine David Tudor was playing both parts of Cage’s piece). Often you are left with areas of meditative drones and flickering static to later be buried in avalanches of rhythm and speech collected from all over the radio dial.” – Excerpts taken from the album review on Art or Nothing published 08/05/11. Read the full review written by Sun Rad HERE.


  1. [Scene 1]
  2. [Scene 2]
  3. [Scene 3]
  4. [Scene 4]

Available as: Limited Edition cassette or digital download from Bandcamp.

Front cover images

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