Some changes at itsu jitsu

A wee message from Jason Kavanagh (beneficent Overlord of itsu jistu):

Due to my current life commitments itsu jitsu is going to be undergoing a few changes as of the 1st of September. Between now and then the five things still on the schedule page will be released but after that only itsu bitsu collaborative projects will be released until I know how much time I have available to me to give itsu jitsu the attention which it requires.

This definitely isn’t the end for itsu jitsu as the bitsu projects will continue as long as there are artists willing to collaborate on them, and in this spirit of collaboration I am happy to announce that I am to be joined by Doug Sharp and Neil Morrison as authors here on the itsu site and hopefully some more of the current itsu artists will also come on board and help keep things ticking over.

So enjoy everything which itsu bitsu has to offer including;

  • Doug Sharp’s 5DBSSS project from which the first set of remixes will be released in September.
  • Not to Be Taken Aurally, another of Doug’s projects which will be available to take part in soon and the theme for that one is “tracks that maim the listener”, should be fun.
  • More releases from Turbogrind Terrorizers and The Blasted Muffins.

So stay tuned and keep visiting the site. If you are a fan of itsu music then there will be plenty more. If you are a musician looking to submit a demo then please feel free to get in touch with regards getting involved in one of the itsu bitsu projects or keep an eye on the site for the non-bitsu releases starting back up (a definite possibility).

Thanks to everyone out there who has made me feel like itsu jitsu has been a worthwhile pursuit during the past three years of my life, thanks to all of the artists who have trusted me with their music and thanks to everyone who continues to support the daft wee itsu community through listening to and taking part in current and future itsu bitsu projects.

Now, onwards and upwards!


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2 Responses to Some changes at itsu jitsu

  1. dreamdarknetlabel says:

    I can’t like this, is sad and sorta good.

    • itsu jitsu says:

      itsu jitsu has always been an entity in a state of flux which has been shaped and moulded to my needs and energy levels.

      It began as a blogger site where I posted a new ‘awaycaboose’ track every time I made one. That suited me at the time because I was still too ill to do anything more.

      It then became the very first website which I designed and coded with the same content as the blog and some new stuff by me as ‘Cavity Pitch’. The move to a proper site was in order for me to complete a module at College 🙂

      After that It went through two other website re-designs as my coding and design skills improved (those were just for fun, what can I say, I’m a big geek). During that time it seen the birth of a couple of my other (now discarded) pseudonyms and also finally emerged as an actual netlabel when Lezet got in touch to ask if I’d release an album by him and Mikhail.

      Most recently of course it moved back to a blogging platform and I sealed its fate by finally plucking up the courage to ask a certain musical hero of mine whose stuff I had stumbled across on the internet if he would allow me to release it through my “netlabel”.

      Both I and itsu jitsu have grown together over the past few years. I have learnt to make music again and through sharing that music with others through this thing which I created I have happened across some really great people whom otherwise I would never have met. So if what itsu jitsu needs to be for a while is a place for those people to have a laugh with each other then in all honesty nothing has been lost and everything is as good as it could be.


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