Electro Machines

Artist: Noisesurfer
Title: Electro Machines
Running Time: 01:25:00
Catalogue Number: ijns02
Release Date: 19th August 2011

About: The Noisesurfer duo are back, this time with an all together stranger album of clanging machine sounds, abstract beats and shifting synth textures.

‘Electro Machines’ is a an entirely apt title for this fantastical voyage in and around the inner workings of what seems to be one gigantic, futuristic, city sized machine. Each track presenting a snapshot of different sections of the work being carried out by the sprawling mechanical edifice. Enjoy your trip.


  1. Aural
  2. Electro Machines
  3. Globe Circuit
  4. Qual
  5. Nasty Melody
  6. Turn Off
  7. Hoffman’s Lab
  8. Pararel
  9. Minotaur Jr

Available as: digital download from Bandcamp.


Creative Commons License

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