Artist: Corroded Master
Title: Deutschebank
Running Time: 00:10:17
Catalogue Number: ijcm04
Release Date: 22nd August 2011

About: This release is rather different to previous outings by the Corroded Master, at least on itsu jitsu anyway. Deutschebank sees a previously well hidden mischievous sense of humour come to the fore, which coupled with a burgeoning sense of abstractionism and surrealism makes for a hugely entertaining listen.

Beats lollop about like fluffy newborn lambs only to be cut down by abstract heavy metalesque guitar licks running amok with nary a care for who or what they get in the way of, and all the while unlikely synth voices create a weird otherworldly counterpoint to the horrific beat slaughter.

Helluva fun.


  1. Attempt At Metal
  2. TechnoIndustrial
  3. Tribute To The Old
  4. Deutschebank

Available as: digital download from Bandcamp.


Creative Commons License

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2 Responses to Deutschebank

  1. Doug Sharp says:

    Corroded Master scales new depths! Fun to watch your music grow, Herr G-B.

  2. Quint Baker says:

    I like track 1 and track 3 the best ❤
    also I love the title 'deutschebank' – kudos champ!

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