September stuff to be aware of…

The first remix installment of Doug Sharp’s rather excellent 5 Dozen Bite-Sized Sonic Sculptures project will be released during the first week of September.

‘5DBSSS One – tha ReeMux is’ features a number of reworked versions of the tracks from ‘5DBSSS 1‘.

Submissions for this compilation close on the 31st of August, so if you’d like to join in then you’d best be quick!

Hox Vox and Vince Gauthier-Bradner have started working on the next Turbogrind Terrorizers album.

Be afraid…

be very afraid…

and in the meantime why not download the awesome first album by TT simply titled ‘The Album‘.

Doug “The Mighty Droogles” Sharp will be kicking off his attempt to discern the inner workings of the minds which create the music here at itsu jitsu by asking heid daftie Jason Kavanagh a bunch of overly personal questions about his music and life (That’s right we’re a “gossip magazine” now).

This interview will be the first in a series of such, as Doug works his way through every artist who has ever been foolish enough to allow us to release some of their work.

We’re not entirely sure how this is going to work when it comes to Doug asking himself the questions when it’s his turn to be interrogated interviewed but it will no doubt be entertaining.

So there you have it. Lots happening and no doubt more will be added as and when our feverish imaginations dream up new ways to annoy you all.

September, it’s gonna be fun…

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2 Responses to September stuff to be aware of…

  1. Doug Sharp says:

    Haha! What have I got myself into? I’m looking forward to probing the twisted minds of the itsu jitsu art slaves.

    Can’t wait to hear the remixes and the lethal music!

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