Shum Sheptember Shtuffs

First up, submissions for part one of Doug Sharp’s 5DBSSS project are now closed.

We’ll be releasing ‘5DBSSS One – tha ReeMux is’ on Monday 5th September, so keep your eyes peeled for it.

It features 19 tracks by 16 artists from all across the globe and will certainly give your ears a good work out.

A huge thank you to all of the artists who took part!

We’ve made some wee changes to the site.

1. ‘Artists & Releases’ still takes you to the (not surprisingly) Artists & Releases page but there is now a new drop down menu with a tab called ‘All Releases’ which will show (again not surprisingly) all of the releases. The cool thing is that they’re in reverse chronological order so you can work back through every release and make sure you’ve heard ’em all.

2. ‘itsu bitsu’ still goes to the same page with details about what itsu bitsu is and a brief overview of the projects, but now you can also go directly to the individual bitsu project pages from the drop down menu. Nice.

3. We’ve added an ‘Archive’ drop down menu over to the right of the page which will let you see all of the posts for any given month. Handy.

4. We’ve removed the ‘Release Schedule’ page because, well, there isn’t going to be one for a while.

We’ve saved the big news for the end, so without further ado we’ll pass you over to Mr. Kavanagh.

“Fairly recently I wrote a post which said that itsu jitsu’s focus would be shifting from releases by individual artists to releases from our collaborative wing itsu bitsu.

The reason this was taking place was because I thought that I would have less time for itsu jitsu due to changes in my working life. After a recent meeting it has become apparent that at least for the next six months or so, I will have more time on my hands than I expected.

This doesn’t mean that we’re going back to a ‘Release Schedule’, four or more releases a month and physical versions of certain releases as had been the case over the past six months, mainly because I would still like some time for my own music and life away from itsu jitsu.

What this does mean is that I’m happy to handle the odd digital release now and then which isn’t associated with itsu bitsu. I still won’t necessarily have as much time to devote to promotion of the releases and will be stricter about what I take, as any non bitsu releases will be put out on a ‘when I have the time for it’ basis.

So, there you have it. A bit of a respite for the itsu jitsu releases but not quite a full return to the days of old (yet).

Thank you all for your continued understanding,


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2 Responses to Shum Sheptember Shtuffs

  1. Doug Sharp says:

    Can’t wait for the Remux! Love the cover.

    So glad you’ll have some time to keep itsu jitsu rolling. All of us itsu jitsu artistes will sell out bigtime so you can make lots of money from our music. I’m starting a boy band with Vince!

  2. Cheers Doug!

    I’m very happy about it as well and am looking forward to what the next wee while will bring. Like Droog/Percival boy bands for example 🙂

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