We’ve done a fair bit of updating on and the following releases are now all available in patent pending, super lossy Nastysound™, don’t say that we never do anything nice for you.

Click the ‘Nastysound™’ link to go to the release on

  1. 5DBSSS One – tha ReeMux is | Nastysound™
  2. 133 | Nastysound™
  3. Society IS A Dying Whore | Nastysound™
  4. Pure Channeled Expressions Vol. 3 | Nastysound™
  5. So long Lola Montez, we’ll miss you | Nastysound™
  6. Everyday’s Little Dreams | Nastysound™
  7. Deutschebank | Nastysound™
  8. Electro Machines | Nastysound™
  9. Can’t Quite Recall | Nastysound™
  10. Godspeed You, Chocolate Albino | Nastysound™
  11. The Album | Nastysound™
  12. 5 Dozen Bite-Sized Sonic Sculptures One | Nastysound™

Not all of these can be downloaded but they are all streamable, so if you’re a user it’s worth adding them to your library, playlists, tagging ’em up, etcetera, etcetera.

The main reason for not all of the releases being downloadable is that’s compression is really rather horrendous and we are of the opinion that you lovely listeners out there would rather have your downloads in at least 320Kbps MP3.

Obviously that’s just our opinion so why not tell us what you want by taking part in this wee poll.

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