More site fettling

Yup, it’s that time of the week again. We’ve been messing around with the site a bit more, moving things around, deleting stuff willy nilly and generally being a pain in the ass. We know you love it really.

Anyway, on to what’s changed:

  • The ‘News‘ tab now encompasses ‘Reviews’ which can be accessed from the ‘News’ drop down menu.
  • About‘ now has a drop down menu which will take you to the ‘Label Sampler‘ page where you’ll find a SoundCloud player which has a playlist containing tracks by loads of the itsu artists. It hopefully gives a good idea of the kind of thing we do here.
  • ‘Artists & Releases’ is now called ‘Artists | Releases| Videos‘. There you can visit all of the itsu artists pages and browse release or video posts for them.
  • ‘Artists | Releases| Videos’ has a drop down menu which contains two tabs. ‘All Releases‘ gathers all release posts in reverse chronological order. ‘All Videos‘ does the same thing for posts with videos in them.

We have also decided to allow videos by itsu artists which don’t have a release associated with them. Our main reasons for doing this are that some of the itsu artists occasionally create stand alone video works and it would be nice to promote them here, and it will be good to put some live footage on the site as well.

There you have it, and hopefully this will be the last site alteration for a while.

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