A collection of Live Performances and “Miniatur Film Clips” Part II

Part II of a series of videos showcasing Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt’s improvisational ‘accidental guitar’ technique.

Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt: Live accidental guitar, filmed on location at the King Kong Klub Berlin , Germany Berlin DIENSTbar Noise Festival, curated by Markus Schwill (Ohmnoise), June 16 2009, video filmed by Angela Grasser.

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, Berlin festival night, Friends of Sagittarius Records, 14th juni 2011, kingkongklub, “a continuous accidental guitar adventurous aspirations in audio”, video filmed by Angela Grasser.

“miniatur film clip” – live in Berlin using the accidental guitar method, by Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt , music taken and remixed from the upcoming EP Release at Sirona-Records, an underground netlabel (from France) run by Arnaud Barbe, aka Pollux.

“miniatur film clip”, Chinese Box, a cultivated crucifix film and composition by Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, music taken from the Ep release at kulturterrorismus.

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