itsu jitsu was based in Glasgow, Scotland between 03-05-2009 and 16-11-2011.  It is no longer active but this page and site have been kept intact for historical purposes.

As much as we don’t like categories we understand that they help to give a sense of what something is, so in order for you to better understand us and the music/sound which we like, here are some descriptive tags: experimental, ambient, dark ambient, shoegaze, industrial, avant-garde, weird, outsider, DIY, fun, serious, sound art, isolationism, twinkly tweek, post-punk, noise, space rock, samplitude, plunderphonics, ass-jazz, the sound of broken things, sociopolitical, nonsense, glib, hashy, surrealist, not quite right, (f)art rock.

Nobody likes to download something only to be told that they have to listen to it on their own, at home, in the dark, with the sound down really low just in case a passer by happens to hear it. So all of our digital downloads carry a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. That particular license allows you, the listener, to share the music which you download with whomever you choose and we’d really like it if you did.

Do: embed releases on your blog, invite friends over and have an itsu jitsu party, send a CDr of itsu music to your Auntie Mabel.

Don’t: chop, sample, re-mix, repackage and/or feed our music to your cat without first asking us*, we’re really rather nice folk and can no doubt work something out.

*In fact don’t ever feed our music to your cat, she won’t thank you for it given that most cats are Jazz purists.

Demo Policy

No Demos please, itsu jitsu be shut and there ain’t nobody here but us chickens.