George Christian Vilela Pereira

My name is George Christian, I was born in August 10th, 1981, and my homeland is the city of Salvador, capital of Bahia, in Brazil. I’m a self-taught composer, a guitarist with more than 10 years of experience. I’m also an amateur sound-artist since 2009, student of music composition (counterpoint) at Federal University of Bahia (UFBa).

Even with not much formal instruction, I opted to be committed with my own discoveries in Art instead of being a musician in the entertainment field. I’m also a writer with five reasonably finished books of poem, however not published, and graduated in National and Foreign Languages (English) at Federal University of Bahia (UFBa). My essential aim in Music is to develop a compositional approach that encompasses not only popular but also the classical fields in equanimity, and creates a synthesized universe of its own. The songwriting and the improvisations living side-by-side with electroacoustic studies and compositions with a larger structure, and working all the styles with a lyrical universalist philosophy.

My musical message wants to restore the faith in humanity outside the chaos and overwhelming situations, even bringing back a sense of adventure, terror and reflection. And it surpasses the subtle autobiographical aspects to seek what is worth to be shared with the cosmos inside the human heart. It’s not about any kind of musical devices or styles, but it’s a meditation on life, death, ressurrection and eternity through the organization and impact of sounds.

I released two albums, so far, under my own artistic device, which are these: “Às Vezes Sempre” (STX11, 2010), “Prelúdio Tardio” (DWS085, 2011). This third album, “Three Dimensions of Unrecognizement and Other Unknown Reaches” is an electroacoustic extension of what was promised in the previous albums. Although most of the repertoire is based upon collaborations from a variety of artists, those seven electroacoustic studies belong to a noticeable continuity of creative process that I developed by myself. They share a bond of themes, and all of them speak of the time’s distension and space’s dilution, from the unrecognition of sound territories to a more liberated flow of specular images. The otherworldly sensation returns to a sense of humanity in the end, but not exactly in an optimistic view.

This album summarizes to me what I developed sonically in my rawest stage of electroacoustic music exploration. It’s an invitation for the listener to an exploration of sounds with an adventurer spirit, but not without sense of responsibility on what’s happening to the environment around. It’s a reaffirmation of our sense of place and being.