Neil Morrison

Neil Morrison is a disillusioned human from Stirling, Scotland, exploring the world around himself through the medium of noise and distortion. Trying to slow humanity down and make them aware of their own surrounds by immersion in audio.

Two of his current projects are The Colours Will Erase Us and Word or Object.

The Colours Will Erase Us:

The Colours Will Erase Us are a Scottish drone/experimental band formed in 2010. The band is inspired by the likes of Earth, Khanate and Sunn O))), as well as Chomskyan linguistic theory and Burroughs’ cut and splice ideas.

Some songs feature no discernible beat and most are played at a slow pace, using repetition to induce feelings of unease or relaxation depending on the mood of the listener at the time.

Word or Object:

Whereas The Colours Will Erase Us allows songs to grow and blossom, Word or Object keeps songs short, with most tracks being under a minute long. Combining both grindcore influences and noise influences to sculpt soundscapes that represent a snapshot of the world. Couple this with production stolen from early black metal bands and it becomes clear that breaking genres is second nature in this project.

Word or Object is based around a build up of various minimal tonal clusters, allowing the listener to step in and immerse themselves in a quick blast of freedom.


Blog: The Colours Will Erase Us

Twitter: @thenovelisdead