As a musician, music fan and video creator Joachim Rontexlius first put his talents to use creating videos for his favourite music on YouTube between 2006 and the present. These included videos for tracks by FSOL, Daniel Pemberton, Humanoid, Second Thought, Cubus and Shaun Ryder. This in turn led him to make experimental collages with underground artists and to create video remixes. At this point, both inspired and motivated by great artists and friends, he began to create his own music.

Noisesurfer are a Spanish musical outfit which began as the solo project of Joachim, after releasing one self titled album he was joined by Rachel Moraledius. Taking on the name of that first solo album, Joachim and Rachel now work as a dance/electronic duo, a group of songwriters, a perfect circle band that try to find new sounds and ideas and to make good music.

Initially Noisesurfer began as an industrial and drum’n’bass project but now works in other environments such as: experimental, noise and shoegaze but always with spiritual and transcendent love for music. The ‘Noisesurfer’ name doesn’t categorise the music as a particular style, only good music makes a Noisesurfer song whether that is drone, alternative, glitch, grunge, rock, pop, techno, ambient, MIDI suites, experimental, sunscapes and soundscapes, electronic, IDM, groovy or funk…there is always a continual search for good noise!

Having recently honed their sound down to a more abstract textural manner, Noisesurfer are currently working on more tracks and plan to release their first full-length CD in 2012.

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