Pollux’s real name is Arnaud Barbe. He’s a 22 year old boy, from Grenoble, France. He started making electronic music 4 years ago, in a depressed period. He finally have a revelation when he discovered the label proc-records and release an Ep on it called “Version”. Now, he is sure: his heart is dedicated to ambient / electronica music (and all derivated, like drone, noise, …).

He’s worked with a lot of artists from all over the world & has been in a lot of diversfied netlabels.

He’s also been an active part of the Lobit aka Low Bitrate community.

He is a Dj for Tibol Radio, the first lobit (web)radio show in the world.

Also, he is the header of Sirona-Records, a netlabel dedicated to all style of electronic music, in all format.

(Almost) all of Pollux’s releases are available for free!