Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, is a composer of experimental sunburnt soundscapes , the developer of the accidental guitar method , producer, founder, and curator of Friends of Sagittarius Records, he also makes ” miniatur film clips” to the release of his compositions.

His new album “Gesang der Geister will be released and distributed (CD and digital download) via AVACHORDA (2010).

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt music has been released at the following labels :: Deutschland ( rainbowdiving butterflies, format noise, knochensache, Krautnoise ) verlegt, in Brasilien ( menthe de chat ), Mexico ( A.M.P. REC. ), Portugal ( Editora Do Porto ), Spain ( audiotalaia netlabel ), England ( Industrial Culture, Electronic Musik ), Frankreich ( Vaatican Records), Österreich (BLEAK ) , Irland ( Flugelrad Records ) , Japan ( Silent novels Rec., SODOMA RECORDS ), Belgien (FF HHH Records, Sarutra’s Music, und Mandai Distribution) Belgien, Niederlande (STRONT REC ), Zagreb Kroatien ( slusaj najglasnije! Rec. ), Egypt ( massimo croce ), Australia ( To Hip To Hop Tapes ), Italien ( VJGrecords, SfintRecords ), Russia ( Clinical Archives ), Ukraine ( Oldturtles Tapes Records ), Minsk- Belarus ( HAZE netlabel ) und in den USA ( Planetarium Records, Love Torture Records, Sounds Abound (Free Media Archive), kittyonfirerecords, Audio Sodomy Records, Amduscias Records, pigeon pop records, Placenta Recordings,, und Tethered Record.

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Releases by Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt