The Earl of Shoes

The Earl of Shoes
smokes words in his pipe
favours the mews
where all gutter snipe
and down at heel gent
or for that matter lady
can’t pay their rent
he’s really quite shady
for a man of memes
who calls on the Night
to ready Her schemes
She’ll cancel the flight
ask deep eyed boy
(he now looks to the North)
“Where is the joy
when demon comes forth?”

Tie hat down with string
stuff shoes with paper
feel for the ring
which signifies saviour
time has now come
for Earl of Shoes
to see what is done
examine the bruise
paint all things in green
for old Lady Dark
“None must be seen”
sings well hidden Lark
the boy now once more
knows what needs made
(he makes for the shore
picks up the blade)