The Finer Points Of Sadism




Longtime noise music enthusiasts and husband/wife duo Jacobb T. Sackett and Ashley Sackett

Emerged onto the experimental music scene only as recently as late 2009,

Taking on this new project following the demise of a previous band.

Yearning for a new direction in sound and experimentation

Our heroes took on new instruments of homemade glitch machines,

Unusual circuit bent items and altered guitars, as well as vintage drum machines.

Removing any traces of conventional modern music or mainstream sounds, for the better.

Many months later a near death experience changed everything,

Its trauma led to the songs and inspiration for this project.

Now we labor to recreate the noises heard in death.

Daring to reenact the trauma in audio.

Grave consequences.

Oh, yes.

1 Response to The Finer Points Of Sadism

  1. Doug Sharp says:

    Welcome aboard itsu jitsu. Can’t wait to hear your noise.

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