Xtematic is Marko Jović (born in Croatia, Osijek 3/3/1994).

He first came into contact with electronic music at the age of 12, from then he devoted himself to listening to the hugely diverse range of styles and genres which electronic music makes possible. At the age of 16 and thanks to the influence of the Croatian Noise and Experimental artist, Diazepa.m, Marko discovered the Experimental, Noise and free improvisation music scenes. He immediately fell in love with exploring different sounds and noises.

Marko’s projects and works are cold, dark, eerie, evocative and at times violent windows into the strange, haunted old places of myth and legend. This is no doubt mostly due to his inspiration being the cold seas and dark forests of his homeland.

Experimentation is always key in his work. Whether recording as Xtematic or as one of his other pseudonyms, Endumium or N.A.M. ( Noise Abuse M.), he continually experiments with new sounds and techniques in order to both hone his sound and skills and to help convey his thoughts and feelings through his projects.

His biggest inspiration to date is Government Alpha (Japanese harsh noise project of Yasutoshi Yoshida).

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