Itsu jitsu Interview #1 part 1: Jason “Mr. Oh My Yes.” Kavanagh

This is the first in a series of friendly interrogations of itsu jitsu musicians.

Jason Kavanagh is itsu jitsu’s Heid Daftie (Pictish for “Great Helmsman”.) Abandoned at birth because of his resemblance to Ronnie Corbett, Jason was raised by a wandering band of Klezmer musicians. In 1923, at the age of 11, he escaped (disguised as a goat), vowing never again to play a Cimbalom. Jason has been true to his word.

Jason Kavanagh: Glaswegian Music Mogul

Herr K is a passionate musician and creative catalyst. He has a knack for finding nice people and knocking them together until they make funny noises. More juicy bio and links to some of his myriad musical projects can be found here.

Stand up and sing a round of “He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” for the Son of Ja! Then read this hardhitting interview exposing the real Jason Kavanagh in all his tarnished splendor:

Q. What are some of your other passions besides music?

  • Cycling, literature, film, cats, tea, cake all with lashings of nonsense.

Q. Make up a genre name for your music.

Q.  What do you like most about making music?

  •  It’s gonna sound cheesy but I’d have to say it’s the act of creating something from nothing other than the sounds in my own head.  Nothing quite beats that feeling of taking a bunch of random sounds and mangling them until they resemble what I can hear between my ears.

Q.  Who are your musical heroes and what have you stolen from them?

Q.  Your musical superpower is:

  •  Massively Muddy Murky Bottom End, able to drag a listener down into hard to discern frequencies.

Q.  Where do you hope to be musically 47 months and 14 days from now?

  • A.  Playing a GSSNI set to a herd of assorted woodland creatures.

Q.  Tell us your most shameful musical secret.

  •  I am a recovering ‘handclap’ addict.

Q.  Finish this sentence: Doug Sharp commands my respect and awe because…

Q.  If you could only take 10 mp3’s to a Neptunian penal colony, which would they be?

  1. ‘Only Skin’ – Joanna Newsom.
  2. ‘Numb Erone’ – The Residents.
  3. ‘Down Home Special’ – Bo Diddley
  4. ‘Electricity’ – Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band
  5. ‘Going Postal (It Is the Right Time)’ – Blectum from Blechdom
  6. ‘Lure of the Unknown Love (Xtabay)’ – Yma Sumac (Les Baxter, John Rose)
  7. ‘Life in a Scottish Sitting Room, Vol. 2, Episode 6’ – Ivor Cutler
  8. ‘Time Perspectives’ – Pauline Oliveros
  9. ‘Paper Clip Ship’ – Math [???]
  10. ‘Travellers 1, 2, 3’ – Meredith Monk
  11. WeAReSTINKyCOWsWeARe’ – Zilch Spacecasting Network
  • I know that’s 11 but what the hell, I’d be willing to take the chance of disintegration.

Q.  What is the greatest number of groupies (m or f) you’ve bedded at one time? Tell us about it.

  • I was once groped by an old lady called Mabel, was that a groupie?

Q.  Are there any genres of music that you can’t tolerate and why?

We dug up so much dirt on Jason that we must post our expose’  in two parts. Next week travel deeper into the seismic psyche of ij’s Great Helmsman.


About Doug Sharp

I live on Vashon Island, WA and write computer games and science fiction.
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